Annual Ride For Scholars Fundraiser

August 17, 2024

Dellinger Park Cartersville, Ga

Our Customized Approach

Our Customized Approach

Harvesting Scholars is a consulting company that provides 7th-12th grade students and their families one-on-one pre-college planning and admissions counseling. Using our customized P.A.K. model, the goal is to offer insightful advice and provide relevant information to students through face-to-face, in-person meetings or videoconferences, and regular contact from start to finish while preparing for and applying to colleges.

Harvesting Scholars’ advisors work with a restricted number of students each year so that each student can receive quality, individualized guidance and encouragement to complete tasks and stay on track. As needed, we will refer families to vetted professionals who specialize in various fields of education, test preparation, athletics, performing arts, learning differences, adolescent psychology, and certified financial planners.

We can consult through the choice of a single meeting or a block of consultations. We also conduct group sessions and workshops to provide an added layer of information to set students on the right path towards success.

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