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August 17, 2024

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Rise P.A.K.

Rise P.A.K.

Recommended for Freshman and Sophomores 9th & 10th Graders

High school provides students with opportunities to choose academic courses and activities of interest. Those choices aligned, with a preliminary plan for college admissions and just a few years to execute, can add clarity and fun to the admissions process.

This program is customized to the individual needs of each student and conducted in-person or through video conferencing, Harvesting Scholars counseling sessions may include but are not limited to:


  • Development of a Personalized Action Timeline
  • Assessment of the student's transcript
  • Advice on multi-year high school course selections (Honors, AP, DE)
  • Discussion on learning styles and techniques for retention
  • Preparation schedule and recommendations for PSAT testing
  • Review results of PSAT scores to determine the next test, ACT or SAT or none
  • Time management and professional skills-building
  • Goal setting for academic and personal achievements
  • Review extracurricular, volunteering, and enrichment activities
  • Guidance on internships, employment, summer camp/program, and scholarship applications
  • Exploration of possible majors and careers
  • Overview of current college admissions requirements and selection criteria
  • Develop a preliminary list of colleges to research and visit to help define fit
  • How to begin the Rise program?
  • Step 1. Schedule a complimentary 30-min Discovery session to get acquainted

Step 2. Book an ORIENTATION meeting to discuss a preliminary plan based on the specific needs of the individual student & family. Include a recap with a general task timeline and informative resources to assist with your next steps.

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We do not guarantee admission or acceptance to any school or institution of higher education or to any job or intern placements. We are a resource that connects you to information to help you navigate the college entrance, admission process and career options. We do not make recommendations to any establishment, school, college or university. Harvesting Scholars partners with all accredited institutions world wide.

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